Artissima 2023

2-5 November 2023


Karolina Krasouli

Disegni sectoion | Booth DS10

The repeated geometrical forms that make up the drawings, along with the different colours, are detached from any recognizable references to the physical world. The viewer may stand in front of them as in front of a visual field, continually creating a different relationship between proximity and distance. Once close, one may notice that the kaleidoscopic patterns are hand-drawn and that every line is qualitatively different. Upon moving back, the drawing becomes opaque, allowing the viewer to perceive its patterns as minimal lines of colour. Hence, repetition does not only lie in the drawing, but also in the physical perception of it. The relationship that these patterns hold with space is both expansive and intimate at the same time. As Panos Fourtoulakis states in a text for the artist’s recent exhibition at Kalfayan Galleries titled ‘WISH’, “Among other things, these patterns represent the time dedicated to making them. As if time was visualized, repeated rhythmically, evoking a sense of musicality”.