Nina Papaconstantinou


21 April - 18 June 2016

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Nina Papaconstantinou was born in 1968 in Athens, Greece, where she lives and works. She studied Greek Literature (1992) at the University of Athens and Visual Arts - Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts, London (2001). Nina Papaconstantinou is represented by Kalfayan Galleries, Athens – Thessaloniki.

Artists-in-Residence, Research Fellowship, Princeton University, USA.
"Typo", Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, Greece.
Galerie Martine Aboucaya, Paris.
“My dear Viscount, ”, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, Greece.
“Instead of Writing”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.
“Between the Lines” (curated by Ch. Petrinou), Martinos Antique & Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.
“Con(text)ure”(with Corrina Peipon), Els Hanappe Underground, Athens, Greece.


“Phenomenon (1)”, Anafi, Greece.

“The Element of Ground” (curated by Sofia Galanou, Takis Kaldis), ARTWALL Project Space, Athens, Greece.

“‘Beauty is the Method” (curated by Sotiris Bahtsetzis), American College of Athens, Greece.

“Drawing Time, Reading Time” (curated by Claire Gilman), The Drawing Center, New York, USA.
“Epitopou” (curated by Jeanette Zwingenberger), Andros island, Greece.
“Blue”, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, Greece.
ICASTICA, 1st Arezzo Art Biennial: “2013 project: global women”, Arezzo, Italy.
“The Symptom project 04 / The transparency of sex”, Amfissa, Greece.
“Shining Through” (curated by Mark Noll), Zone D, Athens, Greece.
“Waiting for the barbarians: Report to Cavafy”, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, Greece.
“Pen to Paper”, Athr Gallery, Saudi Arabia.
“Le ciel bientôt sera trop court”, Martine Aboucaya Gallery, Paris, France.
“La plasticité du langage: entre les langues” (curated by Jeanette Zwingenberger), Fondation Hippocrène, Paris, France.
“Fine”, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki, Athens, Greece.
“Forgetmenot” (curated by Supermina), Elika Gallery, Athens, Greece.
“Reference/Representation”, Zone D, Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece.
“All that melts into air is solid” (curated by Galini Notti), Elika Gallery, Athens, Greece.
“Drawing Stories” (curated by mis(s) group), 50-1 Gallery, Lemessos, Cyprus and Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece.
“Conversation Piece”, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“Cabinets of Miracles” (curated by Ch. Marinos, P. Kosmadaki), Zone D, Athens, Greece.
“Tassis Fygis”, Kourd Gallery, Athens, Greece.
“A Visit” (curated by Kosmas Nikolaou), Katakouzinos Museum, Athens, Greece.
“Others: Le Biennali d’ Arte di Marrakech, Atene e Istanbul α Catania e Palermo”,Fondazione Puglisi Consentino, Catania, Italy.
“Blank Paper Hysterias” (curated by Ch. Androulidaki), K-Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.
“Wuthering Heights”, Siakos, Hanappe House of Art, Athens, Greece.
“Nightwatch” (curated by Supermina), The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece.
“Projections” (curated by Katerina Tselou), Panorama of European Cinema, Art Centre of the Municipality of Athens, Greece.
“Gamma, Epsilon, Delta” (curated by Els Hanappe), Tint Contemporary Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2nd Athens Biennial:“Heaven”, “How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?” (curated by Christopher Marinos), Athens, Greece.
“Heart in Heart” (curated by Anna Kafetsi), National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.
“Mimes” (curated by Christopher Marinos), Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, Greece.
“Booking on book” (curated by Maria Aggeli), Biza-Vlahou Bookbindery, Athens, Greece.
“And Now?” (curated by Ch. Petrinou), State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“Conceptual Obsession, Obsessive Conceptualism” (curated by Sotirios Bahtsetzis), Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“The Island”, Cosmos of Culture, Athens, Greece.
“Women Only” (curated by Sotirios Bahtsetzis), Beltsios collection, Margaris Foundation, Amfilochia, Greece.
“Transexperiences Greece 2008”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece and 798 Space, Bejing, China.
“In Present Tense”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.
“Displacements” (curated by Ch. Petrinou), Martinos Antique & Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.
“Premio Lissone”,Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone, Italy.
“Atropa Vanitas”,Cosmos of Culture, Athens, Greece.
1st Thessaloniki Biennial: “Eterotopias”,Recreation Maid in Greece” (curated by Thalea Stefanidou), Alatza Imaret, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“Here, I Disappear”(curated by Ghislaine Dantan), The Apartment, Athens, Greece.
“Drawing Screen”, TinT Gallery & Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“Objects in Waiting”, End Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK.
5th Forum, “Manderley”, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“Artnow”, Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
“So much… so great…”, Larissa Contemporary Art Centre, Larissa, Greece.
“A Reader” (with Lucy Harrison, Sharon Kivland), DomoBaal Contemporary Art, London, UK.
“ART2003”, DomoBaal Contemporary Art, London, UK.
The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2002, touring show, UK.
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