Blast from the Past

26 January - 18 March 2023

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Rania Bellou, Lynda Benglis, Vlassis Caniaris, Christo, Nikos Engonopoulos, Alekos Fassianos, Yanoulis Halepas, Christoph Keller, Karolina Krasouli, Maria Loizidou, Brice Marden, Nelly’s, Dimitris Neveskiοtis, Edward Steichen, Eleni Vernadaki

The exhibition ‘Blast from the Past’ at Kalfayan Galleries offers an insight into the role of ancient Greek heritage as a timeless source of inspiration. The works presented investigate the fascination of modern and contemporary artists with ancient art, mythology, history, architecture and literature creating works which represent an amalgam of narratives that express an ingenious interconnection between ancient and contemporary visual culture. The visitor recognizes in some cases instantly the references to iconic architectural monuments and works of art. In other cases the stylistic or historic references are more subtle, translated through a personal artistic idiom, while at the same time the show features works with a process of creation that alludes for example to the classical ideal of perfection. The exhibition ‘Blast from the Past’ features internationally acclaimed artists in juxtaposition to emerging artists and is conceived as a celebration of the continuous and influential role of Greek Antiquity as the Muse of modern and contemporary visual artists.