Antrea Tzourovits

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21 September - 4 November 2023

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Antrea Tzourovits (b. 1987, Serbia Montenegro) lives and works in London and Athens.




MFA in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art, London, with a scholarship from NEON Organisation for Culture and Development



BA in Fine Art from Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece [2015-2020].


In his work he employs a wide range of means of expression: sculpture, painting, installation, video and music. Recently, he has been fascinated with the qualities and mechanisms of memory as well as the role of personal and collective trauma. He is interested in the relationship between ‘play’ and ‘conflict’ and in the way these two different actions can create a feeling of both humour and uncertainty in the work. He adopts familiar material and popular symbols within the technical handling of the work so that the imagery itself can resonate with the viewer, emphasizing the poetic-philosophical content of objects and situations. Through a poetic narrative exploring the fluid nature of the 'real', he wants his work to have a metaphorical function of empirical personal memory.

Tzourovits has been the recipient of the - The Kenneth Armitage Foundation Postgraduate Sculptor Prize 2022 and the UCL East Provosts Art Prize 2022 and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS in 2022


Winner of the Hari Art Prize (TBA) 2022.

He had his solo show ’APORIA’ at Kalfayan Galleries in Athens, Greece, 2020 and participated in Frieze London 2020 OVR (with Kalfayan Galleries) and Frieze London 2021 OVR (with Kalfayan Galleries) 

Recent group shows:

‘Lines In The Sand’ (group show), Incubator, London, UK.

“Doomed Companions. Unsubstantial Shades” (curated by Akis Kokkinos). Organized by NEON, the D. Daskalopoulos Organisation for Culture and Development. Hellenic Residency, London, UK.

He has worked as a Trainer in 'Perasmata' (an experimental initiative of UNHCR in Greek schools raising awareness among young people about issues of racism and the need to protect vulnerable social groups. 2013-2014 and as a Stringed instrument Art luthery craftsman, Neorion Music Workshop – Handmade Music Instruments, Piraeus, Greece