Violent Silk

23 June - 10 September 2016

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"Violent Silk" follows the controversial manufacture of silk, a traditional process for producing high quality silk by boiling and killing the silkworm. A series of twelve artworks printed on organic silk fabric and presented as mourning veils, comment on violence around the world both symbolically and metaphorically. Research archival material (texts and images) that inspired the works is also presented at the exhibition.


The colorful, psychedelic motifs of each veil refer to different examples of "violence" and incorporate material that comes from an extensive search on the web: photos, data visualization, statistics, maps and graphic displays, which are related to present day human rights violation and different facets of violence and death. The shimmering quality of silk is juxtaposed to the dark themes of violence depicted on the veils, in order to emphasize the close link between our advanced culture and violence over time.


The works of Kalos&Klio draw their inspiration from the diverse symbolic values of the veil throughout the ages, weaving their own version-interpretation: Each silk veil functions as a small revelatory narrative regarding the theme of violence that negotiates and raises questions on the aestheticization of violence in our consumer society. The silk veils of Kalos&Klio do not hide, they reveal: they question the inherent tendency of human aggressiveness, the degree of ethical maturity of our advanced societies and address the phenomenon of violence either as institutionally sanctioned or justified by informal socio-political structures.