Anna Maria Tsakali

4 Seasons

5 May - 4 June 2022

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Τhe flowers in the paintings of Anna Maria Tsakali utter a modern anatomy of the human soul. Balancing between the organicity of matter and the complexity of texture, light and darkness, ‘flowering’ and ‘silence’, the plant world starring in Tsakali's works emerges as a symbol of existential reflection.


The exhibition at the Kalfayan Galleries titled "4 Seasons" emerged organically, as a vital need to record the rhythm of life that is governed by change. The artist captures in her works the energy of flowers, which penetrates her, treating beauty as "search, destination and reconciliation with life".


For Anna Maria Tsakali, art is an internal oscilloscope: “It records the change of rhythms, the vibrations, the joy, the desire. These changes as depicted provide the 'design' of an interior landscape. At the same time, art records the changes of nature, of life. ‘Rhythm' is one of the first things present in life, the heartbeat, the first rhythm of nature."


Alexandra Goulaki – Voutyra ( Professor Emeritus, A.U.Th., General Director of Teloglion Foundation) writes in the catalogue of the recent artist’s solo exhibition titled «Secret Gardens» at the Teloglion Foundation in Thessaloniki: "Flowers, colors, fragile figures, expressed through an endless sensitivity that turns them into expressive portraits of the soul, with a lurking anguish of decay, are used to represent and comment on our world, where beauty and life co-exist, and at the same time are allusively rescinded, as a tragic reminder of the end. "


It is indicative of Tsakali's work that she is not interested in 'recording' the image of nature, but to experience the birth of the image as nature sprouts: "For me the artwork itself is nature. I want what cannot be described to be brought to light. I am referring to that which is unknown even to me until it is revealed on the surface of the work. Nature is energy, power, rebirth. The flowers have an intense presence. To me their beauty likens a sudden awakening. A surpise, an unexpected encounter that can move us and make us forget our fears and difficulties, to approach again our real self. Flowers as joy, desire, pleasure deriving from the act of painting, but also of the representation, as an antidote to stress. "