Antonis Donef

Symbols Of Selflessness

9 November 2023 – 20 January 2024

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In his calligraphic drawings and elaborated collages on canvas Antonis Donef captures a new, diverse and colorful personal view of Knowledge. 


Antonis Donef’s interest in exploring the boundaries of knowledge, but also of theories on learning, is mirrored also in the new series of wall works: intricate multilayered collages comprised by cut-outs from vintage maps which the artist is collecting during his travels in Greece and abroad. The time-consuming and at the same time organic process of cutting each map into numerous strips and pasting them onto canvas by creating overlapping layers that form geometric patterns, captures the artist's objective to recompose knowledge. The deconstruction and reassembling of extracts from different maps create new maps, in which the official borders are interweaved and ultimately canceled. These geographical palimpsests illustrate the current geopolitical turmoil around the world. Furthermore they redefine and reinterpret the already mapped knowledge while questioning polarizing and inflexible learning strategies which are indifferent towards the uniqueness of dissimilarity.